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YIN. Dessert

YIN Room “jiǎ”|茶室“檟”

YIN Room “jiǎ”|茶室“檟”


Tea Room “jiǎ”:

This independent teahouse is brighter, but this brightness won't be glaring;
instead, it feels comfortable and natural. As you step into this gentle and tranquil
space, you will immediately sense a peaceful atmosphere, as if time stands still for
you. It serves as a perfect stage for achieving a seamless fusion of flavours on your
taste buds between the delectable desserts and the teas.

In this leisurely environment, you can fully indulge in the delightful cuisine and
thoughtful service we have prepared for you. Here, one feels so relaxed and at
ease, as if all worries have dissipated with the breeze. In this moment, you can find
tranquility in your soul, immersing yourself completely in the pleasure of exquisite



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