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2022 Yi Pin Chen Sheng Raw Pu'er Tea Sample Box | 2022一品陈升

2022 Yi Pin Chen Sheng Raw Pu'er Tea Sample Box | 2022一品陈升

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Looking for a unique and delicious tea experience? Look no further than Pu-erh tea! With its rich, earthy flavor and numerous health benefits, Pu-erh tea is a true treat for the senses.

Pu-erh tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which are fermented and aged for years to give it its distinct flavor profile. It is known for its deep, complex taste and full-bodied texture, making it a perfect choice for tea connoisseurs.

"YI PIN CHEN SHENG" is a set of tea samples with seven mini Pu-erh tea cakes which allows you to taste seven kinds of "Dashu Cha" (Large-leaf arbor tree tea of Chen Sheng Hao. Each 28g tea cake can be equally broken into four small pieces, and one piece (7g) is perfect for each brew. One month's supply if you drink daily. 


This sample box is perfect for getting to know the tea of our brand. Each box includes a selection of our top-selling teas, including our signature Pu-erh teas and other representative blends.


What's in the box?

2022 Yin Ban Zhang (银班章)

A blended raw Pu-erh selected materials from the Ban Zhang area. This tea has powerful "Chaqi". The beginning taste is bitter and slightly astringent with quick sweet aftertaste.

2022 Chen Sheng #1 (陈升一号)

One of the featured and award-winning blended raw Pu-Erh tea of Chen Sheng Hao. Selected early spring large-leaf arbor tree leaves in the Menghai area. It has a balanced taste and good coordination in all aspects of aroma, taste, and “cha qi”. It is friendly to new Pu-erh tea drinkers. 

2022 Na Ka (那卡)

“Na Ka” is the sweetness representative of Pu-Erh tea. The soup has an attractive pale-gold color in the cup. The aroma and taste are alluring, exhibiting a noticeable peach-like flavor and strong sweetness in the later infusions. There is also a strong cup scent left behind in the early brews. 


2022 Ban Po Zhai (半坡寨)

Sourced from Nannuo mountain with a light sweet orchid aroma, subtle woody aroma, and lingering sweet aftertaste.

2022 Emperor (霸王青饼)

Another award-winning and featured Pu-erh tea of Chen Sheng Hao. It is well known as a raw Pu-erh tea that has strong and penetrating characteristics like “Emperor”. It has strong bitterness upfront, penetrating aroma, pronounced salivation and sweet-after-taste, long cooling, and powerful Cha Qi. It can last for 15 infusions and still have good taste. 

2022 Chen Xiang Sheng Hua (陈香升华)

A classic sweet raw Pu-erh tea with an elegant floral and bean aroma.

    2022 Zhen Ming Qing Bing (珍茗青饼)

    Selected large-leaf arbor tree leaves from the Menghai area. This blended raw Pu-erh is gentle and sweet, suitable for tea lovers who are new to Pu-erh tea. 


    Infusing Tips

    For raw Pu-erh, it is recommended to use 5-7g per brew;

    For ripe tea, it is recommended to use 7-10g per brew.

    1-6 Infusions

    The tea should be steeped for 5 seconds after pouring water, without being overstepped to avoid bitterness.

    7-12 Infusions

    The brewing time can be extended by 5-10 seconds.

    Over 12 Infusions

    The brewing time can be extended by 10-30 seconds.

    *    Mastering the steeping time according to your own taste, Da Shu Cha (Large-leaf arbor tree tea) can be brewed 15-20 times or more.

    Product Details

    Raw Pu'er (Sheng Pu'er)
    Quantity & Shape 7 Tea Cakes
    Weight 7 * 28g 
    Harvest Year 2022
    Tea Source
    Pure (Single-Region) / Blended (Multi-Region)
    Age of Tea Trees > 100 years
    Harvest Area
    Yunnan Province, China
    Tea Factory Menghai Chensheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
    Water Ratio Every 7g tea leaves served with 120ml water
    Temperature 203°F  ~ 212°F (95°C ~ 100°C) 
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