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2022 Chen Sheng Dictionary Raw Pu'er Tea | 2022陈升宝典

2022 Chen Sheng Dictionary Raw Pu'er Tea | 2022陈升宝典

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 “2022 Chen Sheng Dictionary” (陈升宝典) made some changes to the tea selection.

Inside, you will find a variety of loose-leaf teas, each with its own distinctive taste and aroma. This sample box contains the most popular and featured Pu-erh of Chen Sheng Hao, including "the King of Tea" Lao Ban Zhang. 



The box is a perfect gift for any tea enthusiast or someone looking to try Pu-erh tea for the first time. You can enjoy ten different flavors as different tea mountains have their unique taste characteristics. Whether you prefer strong, bold flavors or something more subtle, this sample box has something for everyone. So why not try our Pu-erh tea sample box today and discover the unique taste and benefits of this timeless tea?


What is in the box?

  • 2020 Fu Cha (福茶)

  • 2022 Xiao Chun (晓春)

  • 2022 Nan Nuo Yin Xiang  (南糯印象)

  • 2022 Yi Wu (易武印象)

  • 2022 Bulang Yin Xiang (布朗印象)

  • 2021 Emperor (霸王青饼)

  • 2021 Chen Sheng #1 (陈升一号)

  • 2022 Naka (那卡)

  • 2021 Chen Sheng Hao (陈升号)

  • 2022 Lao Ban Zhang (老班章)

Infusing Tips

For raw Pu-erh, it is recommended to use 5-7g per brew;

For ripe tea, it is recommended to use 7-10g per brew.

1-6 Infusions

The tea should be steeped for 5 seconds after pouring water, without being overstepped to avoid bitterness.

7-12 Infusions

The brewing time can be extended by 5-10 seconds.

Over 12 Infusions

The brewing time can be extended by 10-30 seconds.

*    Mastering the steeping time according to your own taste, Da Shu Cha (Large-leaf arbor tree tea) can be brewed 15-20 times or more.


    Product Details

    Raw Pu'er (Sheng Pu'er)
    Quantity & Shape 10 Tea Samples
    Weight 10 * 7g 
    Harvest Year 2020 - 2022
    Tea Source
    Pure (Single-Region) / Blended (Multi-Region)
    Age of Tea Trees > 100 years
    Harvest Area
    Yunnan Province, China
    Tea Factory Menghai Chensheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
    Water Ratio Every 7g tea leaves served with 120ml water
    Temperature 203°F  ~ 212°F (95°C ~ 100°C)
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