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2005 PU'ER Loose Leaf Tea, “Eternity”|2005年 永年九九

2005 PU'ER Loose Leaf Tea, “Eternity”|2005年 永年九九

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The tea leaves came from the century-year-old tea trees from the four great tea areas in Yunnan province—Baoshan, Lincang, Xishuangbanna, and Simao. This loose leaf tea was made following traditional ways and pressed into a tea cake. After 17 years of ageing, the tea gains a smoky and honey taste, which is known as the signature taste of good PU'ER tea, thus having a collectible value.

Water Temperature:

100 °C


5 ~ 6g of tea/ 100ml water

Brew Time:

1st brew 10 sec, 2nd brew 8 sec, 3rd brew 8 sec, 4th- 6th brew 15 sec.

Equipment: clay teapot, lidded tea bowl (Gaiwan)

Type: pre-fermented PU'ER tea

Year: 2005

Origin: Yunnan Province, China  

【“永年久久” 普洱茶饼】


Pre-fermented v.s. Post-fermented

Pu'er tea can be divided into two types: "pre-fermented tea" (Sheng) and "post-fermented tea" (Shu) according to its making process and taste. 

The aroma of pre-fermented tea is more abundant and exalted. It is stronger, offering a more dynamic taste, long-lasting aroma. The flavour will continue to change with the passage of time during the storage process, making the tea not only enjoyable but also collectable.

The aroma of post-fermented tea is more restrained. Compared with the post-fermented tea, the taste is more mellow, and the tea is milder. Having a unique taste and stable flavour, the post-fermented tea is good for daily drinking.

To read more about the Difference between Pre-fermented and Post-fermented Pu'er Tea




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