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Xiaofangyao: Yellow Glaze Paired Jade Cup|晓芳窑:黄釉玉盏对杯

Xiaofangyao: Yellow Glaze Paired Jade Cup|晓芳窑:黄釉玉盏对杯

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Porcelain wares from one of the most well-known porcelain studios -- Xiaofang kiln, is famous for its transcendent archaizing porcelain making technique. The porcelain master and the founder of Xiaofang Kiln, Cai Xiaofang, devoted over 30 years in archaizing porcelain making. Meanwhile, Xiaofang Kiln’s porcelain making is not simply a pursuit of “a great impersonation.” It is also an effort of surpassing the beauty of antique porcelain, with the help of the modern, developed porcelain making techniques.

Among the works by Xiaofang Kiln, the most famous ones are the archaizing Song Dynasty RU wares, which perfectly replicate the jade-like and crazed glaze, as well as the light blue, natural, vivid color like the color of sky after rain. Xiaofang Kiln is also known for its making of archaizing Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty blue and white underglaze porcelain and Qing Dynasty famille rose porcelain, and the color glaze porcelain. The secret of Xiaofang Kiln’s success is its unique formulation of glaze and the superior porcelain making technique. Its kiln, located in Beitou, is a highly private space only open its door to the real porcelain masters. Visiting the two-floor porcelain showroom, owned by Mr. Cai Xiaofang, it’s like visiting a museum of Chinese porcelain, presenting the history of Chinese porcelain making and appreciation. Here, visitors can find porcelain masterpieces from almost all historical periods and of all kinds of different styles, including but not limited to Ru, Guan, Ding, Jun, Ge, Longquan wares, blue and red underglaze wares, and famille rose wares.
Another secret of Mr. Cai Xiaofang’s success is its very close relationship with the Taipei Palace Museum. In his early years, he was fortunate enough to get the chance of studying, observing, and appreciating the porcelain collections at the Taipei Palace Museum at a close distance. He was also in charge of archaizing the famous porcelain masterpieces from the Museum. Therefore, his works enjoy a high fame among porcelain collectors.





晓芳窑是台湾名窑,以仿古瓷闻名,其窑主蔡晓芳先生从事仿古瓷器的烧制工作已逾30年,举凡中国历代各种名窑瓷器,晓芳窑都曾仿制过。 不过,晓芳窑的作品并非单纯追求乱真,而是在仿制的过程中,充分利用现代的烧制设备和技术,尝试超越古瓷的艺术之美。


除此之外,晓芳窑所仿的元明清代的青花瓷、仿清代的粉彩瓷,以及单色釉瓷等,也都是颇具特色的上乘之作。 晓芳窑仿汝瓷的成功秘诀在于其独特的釉色秘方和烧制工艺,而设在北投的窑厂是从不轻易让外人进入的。

走进蔡晓芳位于北投的两层瓷器展室,仿佛进入了记载着中国传统古陶瓷历史的博物馆,从宋代的汝、官、哥、定、钧、龙泉,到元明清代的青花、釉里红、五彩、斗彩、粉彩等,一应俱全。 另外,蔡晓芳先生与台北故宫博物馆的深厚渊源也是其成功的原因,当年蔡晓芳有幸得到台北故宫高层的赏识,特准他近距离观摩馆藏瓷器,并为台北故宫仿制过不少经典名瓷,如台北故宫珍藏的汝窑无纹水仙盆、温碗等,当年曾代替真品到海外参展,随即成为藏家争相收藏之物。

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