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Chunfengxiangyu: Blue Tea-tasting Cup|春风祥玉:洒蓝品杯

Chunfengxiangyu: Blue Tea-tasting Cup|春风祥玉:洒蓝品杯

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Chunfeng Xiangyu is one of the superiorest porcelain makers in contemporary China, known as the “top three” among all the other porcelain kilns in Jingdezhen City, the birthplace of Chinese porcelain. The current owner and the founder of Chunfeng Xiangyu, Zou Jun, has been working as a porcelain artist for over thirty years. 

Born at Jingdezhen City, Zou Jun’s ancestors started their porcelain making business in the early 19th century as a support for the family-owned Chinese medicine shops.  Back at that time, the Chinese medicine shops needed large amounts of porcelains as containers for Chinese medicines. In 1992, the Hong Kong tea merchant, Rong Zhi ordered some customized teawares from Zou Jun, marking the starting point of Zou Jun’s career life as a porcelain making master.

The porcelain artists at Chunfeng Xiangyu devoted themselves to both archaizing and also innovating. The founder Zou Jun graduated from Jingdezhen Porcelain Academy, and has a systemic understanding of porcelain designing and making.The designs of Chunfeng Xiangyu archaized porcelains  are based on the Late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty (14th~15th century) porcelain styles. The shape, brushwork, thickness of the porcelain body, and blue and white color have all undergone repeated trials and comparisons. On this basis, the designs are modified with new techniques and a modernist taste. With great understanding of the history, tradition, and the unique aesthetics of Chinese porcelain, Chunfeng Xiangyu is now the representative of high quality contemporary porcelain art in China.



春风祥玉,中国当代瓷器茶用具顶级窑口,素有景德镇“三大名窑之一”的美称。 窑主邹俊先生,从事瓷器烧造工作已逾三十个年头。

祖籍余干的邹俊出生在景德镇,早在清朝道光年间,他的祖上就开办了三家中药材堂口,贵和堂、贵和栈和贵和轩。由于当时药材铺需要大量的瓷瓶包装,邹家因此便在景德镇开立“贵和堂”窑口,自己烧造器物。 1992年,香港茶商叶荣枝先生辗转找到邹俊,拿出一些茶具样品希望定制,开启了邹俊制作陶瓷茶具的大门。



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