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Xiaoya: Brown Glaze Blue and White Cup|小雅:外紫金釉内青花品杯

Xiaoya: Brown Glaze Blue and White Cup|小雅:外紫金釉内青花品杯

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Xiaoya means “petite and elegant”, as opposed to the “grand elegance” sought after by many, reflecting the brand’s subtlety and low-key style, echoing the small sizes of Xiaoya’s products. In the namesake chapter “Xiaoya” of Classic of Poetry, the word also connotes the meaning of hospitality.

Recognized as the king of small items, Xiaoya mainly focuses on tea sets and traditional Chinese stationery. With its exquisite craftsmanship, Xiaoya only selects clay local to Jingdezhen and high-grade blue-and-white cobalt materials. From moulding to trimming, painting and glazing, each piece all hand-made. Each of Xiaoya’s works is detailed and exquisite in painting, first-class in composition, classic but not archaic, and thus has great artistic value. Not only paying great attention to design and aesthetics, Xiaoya also strives for perfection in functionality in daily uses. With all details meticulously tested, each Xiaoya piece embodies aesthetics and practicality.




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